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Sometimes youll run into questions about writing and publishing. Finding answers on the Internet can be dauntingso where do you turn? One resource is here: Writers Retreat. You can ask a question and get an answermore than likely several answers. Post any question that has you stopped in your writing tracks, and youre likely to have an answer quickly, often the same day.


Where do these answers come from? Your fellow writers. Others who are on the same writing path as you. And some whove been on that writing road for many years. One of the best things youll find at Writers Retreat is support. Have you ever been afraid someone will tell you that youve asked a dumb question? Well, the childrens writers at Writers Retreat do not believe there is any such thing as a dumb question.


Questions and answers are organized under several categories. FRONT PORCH CHATTING is a great place to get started. You can introduce yourself. Talk about your life in (and sometimes outside) writing. If youre looking for someone to cheer with you when an acceptance comes, or commiserate during those painful rejectionstheres always a light on at the FRONT PORCH.


Students in ICL courses come to STUDENT TALK when they are stuck on Assignment 2 or Assignment 10B. They go away with solid answers from writers who are familiar with each assignment because theyve successfully completed themsome have even finished the course, or several ICL courses.


In THE BIZ WE'RE IN category, you can ask about agents, publishers, marketingwhatever you want to know about the publishing industry. Catch all the recent buzz on markets from writers who are submitting to them. And if you have a writing question, someone is always around to offer an answeror maybe a bunch of answers.


And if you have a suggestion for a topic or category youd like to see in Writers Retreat, just drop me a line at: WebEditor@InstituteChildrensLit.com


Why not check out Writers Retreat right now?


Jan Fields
Web Editor


P.S. Please register when you first visit Writers Retreat to set up how youd like to introduce yourself to others.